Top Rated Dog Cages for Training and Traveling with Your Pet

Top Rated Dog Cages for Training and Traveling with Your Pet

Dogs are wonderful companions and members of the family. They provide unconditional love, companionship, and joy to their owners. However, owning a dog also comes with responsibilities, including training and traveling with them.

Benefits of Using Dog Cages

One of the best ways to train your dog and keep them safe while traveling is by using a dog cage. Dog cages provide a safe and secure environment for your pet, whether you are at home or on the go. They can also help with housebreaking and behavioral training.

Top Rated Dog Cages

1. Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

The Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is a highly-rated dog cage that is perfect for training and traveling. It is made of durable materials and features a secure locking system to keep your pet safe. The crate is available in various sizes to accommodate different breeds of dogs.

2. Petmate Sky Kennel

The Petmate Sky Kennel is another top-rated dog cage that is ideal for traveling. It is made of strong and durable plastic and features a secure door latch to keep your pet safe and secure during flights. The cage also has ventilation holes for your pet’s comfort.

Subsection: Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Cage

1. Size

When choosing a dog cage, make sure to consider the size of your dog. The cage should be large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It should not be too big or too small for your dog.

2. Material

Consider the material of the dog cage. A sturdy and durable cage made of metal or plastic is ideal for traveling and training. Make sure the cage is easy to clean and maintain.

Subsection: How to Use a Dog Cage for Training

Using a dog cage for training requires patience and consistency. Here are some tips on how to effectively train your dog using a cage:

1. Introduce the Cage Positively

Start by introducing your dog to the cage in a positive way. Place treats and toys inside the cage to make it a comfortable and inviting space for your pet.

2. Use the Cage for Short Periods

Start by using the cage for short periods of time, gradually increasing the duration as your dog gets used to it. Use the cage for naps, bedtime, and when you are away from home.

3. Never Use the Cage as Punishment

Never use the cage as punishment for your dog. It should be a safe and positive space for your pet to retreat to when needed.

Subsection: Traveling with Your Dog

When traveling with your dog, make sure to bring their cage along for the journey. Here are some tips for traveling with your pet:

1. Secure the Cage in the Car

Make sure to secure the dog cage in the car using a seatbelt or other restraints to keep your pet safe during the journey.

2. Bring Food and Water

Bring along food and water for your dog when traveling. Make sure to pack their favorite toys and treats to keep them comfortable and happy.

3. Take Breaks

Make frequent stops during the journey to allow your dog to stretch their legs and use the bathroom. Give them plenty of attention and love to make the trip enjoyable for both of you.


Using a dog cage for training and traveling can provide a safe and secure environment for your pet. Make sure to choose a top-rated dog cage that is appropriate for your pet’s size and needs. With patience and consistency, you can effectively train your dog and enjoy traveling with them wherever you go.

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