Top Eurovision Odds: Who Will Win the 2021 Song Contest?

Top Eurovision Odds: Who Will Win the 2021 Song Contest?


The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most anticipated events in the music world, bringing together countries from all over Europe to compete for the title of best song. With the 2021 contest just around the corner, fans and experts alike are already speculating on who has the best chance of taking home the trophy this year.

Top Contenders


Italy has been a strong contender in recent years, with standout performances and catchy songs. This year, they are represented by the group Måneskin with their song “Zitti e buoni.” The band has been gaining popularity across Europe, and their rock-influenced sound is sure to make an impact at the contest. They are currently one of the top favorites to win according to the latest odds.


France is another country that is always a strong contender at Eurovision. This year, they are represented by Barbara Pravi with her song “Voilà.” With a powerful voice and emotional performance, Pravi is considered a frontrunner in this year’s competition. She has already garnered praise for her live performances and is expected to deliver a memorable show at Eurovision.


Switzerland is also among the favorites to win the contest this year. Gjon’s Tears will represent the country with his song “Tout l’Univers.” The singer has a unique voice and a hauntingly beautiful ballad that has captured the hearts of Eurovision fans. With his impressive vocal range and emotional delivery, Gjon’s Tears is definitely a strong contender for the top spot.

Dark Horses


Iceland is known for its quirky and innovative entries at Eurovision, and this year is no exception. Daði & Gagnamagnið will represent the country with their catchy tune “10 Years.” The group’s retro-inspired performance and charming stage presence have already made them fan favorites. While they may not be top contenders based on current odds, Iceland always has the potential to surprise at Eurovision.


Ukraine is another country to watch out for in this year’s contest. They will be represented by Go_A with their song “Shum.” The group’s unique fusion of traditional Ukrainian folk music with modern electronic beats has captivated audiences and judges alike. Their energetic and visually stunning performance is expected to make a big impact at Eurovision.



Germany has had mixed success at Eurovision in recent years, but this year they are hoping for a strong showing with Jendrik and his song “I Don’t Feel Hate.” The song’s upbeat and playful vibe has garnered attention, but it remains to be seen if it will be enough to secure a top spot. While they may not be the favorites to win, Germany is definitely a country to keep an eye on in the competition.


Spain is also looking to make an impact at Eurovision this year with Blas Cantó and his song “Voy a quedarme.” The singer’s powerful vocals and emotional performance have impressed many, but the competition is tough. While Spain may not have the best odds to win, Cantó has the potential to deliver a standout performance that could surprise everyone.


With the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest just around the corner, the excitement and anticipation are reaching fever pitch. While some countries are clear favorites to win based on current odds, Eurovision has a history of surprises and unexpected outcomes. Whether it’s Italy, France, Switzerland, or a dark horse like Iceland or Ukraine, one thing is for sure – this year’s contest promises to be a spectacle filled with incredible performances and unforgettable moments. Who will emerge as the winner? Only time will tell.

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