Predicting the Winner: Eurovision Odds Favoring Certain Countries

Predicting the Winner: Eurovision Odds Favoring Certain Countries

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest international music competitions in the world, with countries from across Europe (and sometimes beyond) coming together to showcase their best musical talents. With each country submitting a song to compete for the top prize, fans and bookmakers alike are always trying to predict the winner based on various factors.

Current Odds

As the competition draws nearer, various bookmakers release their odds on which country they believe will take home the coveted Eurovision trophy. Interestingly, certain countries tend to have better odds than others, leading to speculation on who the frontrunners will be.

Top Contenders

While the odds are always changing, some countries consistently rank high in terms of their chances of winning. This year, countries like Sweden, Italy, and France are among the top contenders according to bookmakers.


Sweden has a strong track record in the Eurovision Song Contest, having won the competition multiple times in the past. With a history of producing catchy pop songs and memorable performances, Sweden is often a favorite among fans and bookmakers alike.


Italy is another country that tends to do well in Eurovision, with a unique musical style that sets them apart from the competition. Their songs often blend traditional Italian sounds with contemporary pop elements, making them stand out on the Eurovision stage.


France has also been a strong contender in recent Eurovision Song Contests, with artists like Alma and Bilal Hassani putting on powerful performances that resonate with viewers. Their songs often have a message or story behind them, which can attract a lot of attention from voters.

Underdogs to Watch

While the frontrunners are always in the spotlight, there are also underdogs to watch out for in the competition. Countries like Portugal, Cyprus, and Iceland may not have the best odds, but they can still surprise everyone with their performances.


Portugal has a unique musical style that often stands out in Eurovision, with artists like Salvador Sobral winning the competition in 2017. Their songs are often emotional and heartfelt, which can resonate with viewers and help them stand out among the competition.


Cyprus has also been making waves in Eurovision in recent years, with artists like Eleni Foureira and Tamta delivering energetic and memorable performances. Their songs often have a danceable beat and catchy chorus, which can appeal to a wide range of viewers.


Iceland is known for bringing a sense of fun and quirkiness to Eurovision, with artists like Hatari and Daði & Gagnamagnið wowing audiences with their unique performances. Their songs often have a playful and irreverent tone, which can make them stand out in a sea of more serious contenders.

Final Thoughts

With the Eurovision Song Contest fast approaching, fans and bookmakers are eagerly anticipating the outcome of the competition. While certain countries may have better odds than others, anything can happen on the night of the final, making Eurovision one of the most unpredictable and exciting music events of the year.

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