Manchester United: Top Goals and Highlights of the Season

Manchester United: Top Goals and Highlights of the Season

Manchester United has had a memorable season so far, with some stunning goals and exciting highlights. Let’s take a look at some of the top moments of the season.

1. Bruno Fernandes’ Free-kick Against Liverpool

One of the standout moments of the season was Bruno Fernandes’ free-kick against Liverpool. With the game finely poised at 1-1, Fernandes stepped up and curled a perfect free-kick into the top corner, leaving the Liverpool goalkeeper with no chance. The goal proved to be the winner and showcased Fernandes’ quality and composure under pressure.

2. Edinson Cavani’s Bicycle Kick Against Fulham

Another memorable moment was when Edinson Cavani scored a stunning bicycle kick against Fulham. The ball was floated into the box, and Cavani acrobatically twisted his body to meet it with a perfectly executed bicycle kick that left the Fulham goalkeeper rooted to the spot. It was a goal of pure skill and instinct that will be long remembered by Manchester United fans.

3. Marcus Rashford’s Solo Goal Against Newcastle

Marcus Rashford also had his moment of brilliance this season with a stunning solo goal against Newcastle. Rashford picked up the ball in his own half, drove past several defenders with his blistering pace and skill, before calmly slotting the ball past the goalkeeper. It was a goal of pure individual brilliance that showcased Rashford’s talent and potential.

4. Paul Pogba’s Long-range Thunderbolt Against Aston Villa

Paul Pogba also made his mark with a thunderous long-range strike against Aston Villa. Pogba picked up the ball outside the box, took a touch to set himself, and unleashed a ferocious shot that flew into the top corner of the net. It was a goal of sheer power and technique that demonstrated Pogba’s ability to score spectacular goals from distance.

5. Scott McTominay’s Brace Against Leeds United

Scott McTominay had a memorable game against Leeds United, scoring two goals in quick succession. His first goal was a cool finish from inside the box, while his second was a thunderous strike from outside the box that left the Leeds goalkeeper with no chance. It was a memorable performance from McTominay that showcased his goalscoring ability.

6. David De Gea’s Penalty Save Against Tottenham

David De Gea also played a crucial role in Manchester United’s season with a crucial penalty save against Tottenham. With the score tied at 1-1, De Gea dived to his left to save Harry Kane’s penalty and preserve the draw for Manchester United. It was a moment of pure athleticism and concentration that showcased De Gea’s shot-stopping abilities.

7. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Tactical Masterclass Against Manchester City

Finally, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserves credit for his tactical masterclass against Manchester City. Solskjaer set up his team to nullify City’s attacking threat and hit them on the counter-attack, which resulted in a 2-0 victory for Manchester United. It was a performance that showcased Solskjaer’s tactical acumen and ability to outsmart his opponents.


Overall, Manchester United has had a season filled with memorable goals and highlights. From stunning individual efforts to tactical masterclasses, the team has shown its quality and potential. As the season progresses, Manchester United fans can look forward to more exciting moments and memorable goals.

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