Get the Latest Scoop on Barnaby Joyce’s Controversial Career

Get the Latest Scoop on Barnaby Joyce’s Controversial Career

Barnaby Joyce has been a prominent figure in Australian politics for years, gaining both praise and criticism for his actions. From his time as Leader of the National Party to his scandalous extramarital affair, Joyce’s career has been anything but uneventful.

Early Career

Joyce first entered politics in 2005 when he was elected as the member for New England in the House of Representatives. His rural background and advocacy for agricultural interests quickly gained him a following within the National Party.

Leader of the National Party

In 2016, Joyce was elected as Leader of the National Party, making him the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. During his time as leader, Joyce was known for his conservative views on issues such as immigration and climate change.

Extramarital Affair

In 2018, Joyce’s career took a controversial turn when it was revealed that he was having an extramarital affair with a former staffer. The scandal led to his resignation as Deputy Prime Minister and caused a rift within the National Party.

Return to Politics

Despite the scandal, Joyce returned to politics in 2020, winning back his seat in New England. He has since been a vocal critic of the current government’s policies and has continued to make headlines with his controversial remarks.

Future Plans

With the next federal election looming, many are speculating about Joyce’s future in politics. Will he seek the leadership of the National Party again, or will he retire from politics altogether? Only time will tell.

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